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All-Natural Pest And Weed Control For Your Garden

If you’ve spent time making your garden look great this spring, you’ll want to spend time helping it stay that way through the summer. This brief video will teach you how to keep your yard pest- and weed-free using eco-friendly products and nature, itself — all without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Some of the tips in the video include:

  • Planting flowering nectar-bearing plants to attract “beneficial” insects
  • Using electronic repellents and netting to keep pests away
  • Adding a bird feeder to your yard

And, of course, you’ll want to use all-natural pesticides made from the extracted oils and fruits and spices which, when combined, keep weeds and bugs under control.

One thing to remember with respect to lawn care, though, is that “organic” doesn’t always mean “greener”. Spot-application of a chemical-based product may best for your lawn’s particular needs, and you should consider using harsher, traditional pesticides when needed.

When in doubt, talk to a lawn care specialist.

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